The Wind-Powered Theremin. A Free Energy Sound Sculpture.

This sculpture consists of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and two homemade theremin.

This sculpture is about the transformation of free energy. It creates sound by harnessing natural energy and  interfering with natural sound phenomena. It exists on the free sources of wind, radio waves, and recycled material.

First Element. The Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)  is a standard design wind turbine used to generate electricity from wind  power. We present an original variation, fabricated in wood, canvas, and steel, which generates an electric potential difference stored and stabilized through a 12 volt battery. This element supplies power for sound production.

Second Element. The theremin is an instrument that manipulates free radio waves to create sound. The two theremin in this project were designed and built using old and new AM radios. The theremin manipulate sound by signal interference through their antennae.

This is a productive sculpture. The wind turbine produces energy to power the theremin, amplification, and other audio and video elements. It is about  the transformation of audio and visual energy. The sculpture uses free and chaotic energy to form a stable sound conduit. In a cycle of natural phenomena the most basic electronic sound is generated by wind, waves and wandering. An interference, a static, a sound. The result is random mischievous tone production dependent on a radical wave/ wind scenario. The objective is to recycle ubiquitous and obsolete material technology to create a new audio-visual experience.

The sculpture is interactive. Spectators are encouraged to experiment with the theremin. Human presence is the third element.

Instruments/ Materials.

Theremin #1, wooden chassis 34 x 34 cm x 9 cm, three am radios, vertical steel antenna, various electronics. Theremin #2, wood chassis 40 x 15 x 15 cm. three am radios, copper plate antenna. VAWT: wood, canvas, and steel, various mechanical and electronic parts. 12v output. approx:  300 x 300 x 300 cm. 130 kg.

This work is manufactured of homemade and recycled materials wherever possible.


This section is still under construction.

Clay and Primitive Pit-firing

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