Il Pendolare produced by Gabriele Anastasio Studios, written and with music by WP.

Gabriele Anastasio is a fixture in Perugia. He sells books and prints from a table on Via dei Priori, which happened to be in front of the Umbra Institute, where I was teaching, and had taught for some 15 years. I used to buy old books and chat with him. It turned out he was also a filmmaker. So he asked me to write a film that he would then help produce. My experience in Perugia was teaching art, painting and drawing, but also about a solitary experience: a long commute, two hours each way, through the Umbrian countryside. The word “pendolare” in Italian refers to a commuter, one who goes back and forth. In English we use the word pendulum to refer to something that swings, a weight of a string.

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